Repurpose those ratty old t-shirts into a fun addition for your room or home! Use many colors for a more traditional rag rug look or stick to a specific color theme to match current decor.

This particular tutorial is for a circular rug, but if you're feeling adventurous, you could make just about any shape you want.

- old t-shirts
- scissors
- large crochet hook
- basic crochet skills

STEP 1 : Cut up your t-shirts into t-shirt yarn. Don't know how? Check out this great tutorial here.

STEP 2 : Plan out how you are going to use your colors and crochet a basic flat circle. You can find easy-to-follow crochet circle instructions here.

STEP 3 : Continue in circular pattern until rug reaches desired size or until you run out of t-shirts. Fasten off and weave in all loose ends.

- For a marled look, try using striped or patterned t-shirts, like this one.
- T-shirts with decals on them actually do work just fine, just make sure that they are fully broken in.
- Make sure you ask friends and family members for their old shirts. Most of us have at least one lying around somewhere!
- Consider saving any remaining t-shirt scraps to be used as cleaning rags

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