Patched denim has been trending for a while now, and while you could go out to the mall to buy yourself a pair, it's easy and cheap to make your own at home!

- a pair of jeans
- denim/fabric scraps
- scissors
- needle
- navy thread
- pinking shears (optional)

STEP 1 : Lay your jeans out flat and decide on the placement and number of patches. Need some inspiration? Check out some of my faves:  one | two three four | five six

STEP 2 : Cut out your patches using your denim/fabric scraps

STEP 3 : Pin patches onto jeans and stitch into place by hand. Leave a 1/8" allowance at the edges and use a tiny, invisible straight stitch 

- Cut your patches out with pinking shears for a more finished edge, or stick to plain scissors if you prefer a raw look
- Use patterned or contrasting fabrics for added interest
- If your patch material is not pre-shrunk, either shrink it before sewing it to your jeans or take that into account when laundering!

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