I transformed this ratty, ill-fitting pair of jeans into a tailored denim vest. Here's how:

Step 1.
Cut off the waistband and remove the belt loops from it.

Step 2.
Cut the seat of the jeans off and cut through the center back seam. When cutting around the patch pockets, keep in mind the shape you want the front panels of your vest to take and leave seam allowances.

Step 3.
Using the material from the pant legs, make the front upper panels of the vest as well as the back panel. If you want a more fitted vest, take shaping seams and darts into account as you do this. I would recommend drafting a paper pattern, which I did using a jacket that I already owned as a model.

Step 4.
Sew all seams to assemble the garment.

Step 5.
Finish the garment. I ended up creating a lining from some woven cotton fabric to hide the raw edges, but you could also finish the seams with your sewing machine.

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