A few of my favorite books

TGIF, friends! Here are a few interesting and thought-provoking articles to read this weekend, if you feel so inclined:

The Yin and Yang of Clothing by Imogen Lamport
I had no idea this was a thing, but I find the concept fascinating. According to this article, I'm more Yin than Yang, which I feel is at least somewhat accurate. Do you think our clothing choices reveal certain personality traits?

A better way to engage culture than "In but Not Of" by Cor Chmieleski
This is a blog post by a pastor whom I have a lot of respect for, and I think he makes a good point that this common Christian expression can fuel a legalistic way of living if we lose sight of the true meaning of the gospel. I know this is a trap that I fall into sometimes. What are your thoughts?

Here's Proof Buying More Stuff Actually Makes You Miserable by Martha C. White
This article puts words and facts to something that I think we know deep in our hearts. In a society where we are constantly encouraged to accumulate more stuff, I find this to be a great reminder of how to pursue a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Should Christians Be Fashionable? by Felicia Alvarez
I agree with some of what this author is saying, and some of it I'm not so sure of. Take John the Baptist, for example. According to the bible, John cared little for fashion, donning clothing associated with poor, nomadic people who lived in the desert (Matthew 3:4). Despite his wild appearance, he served the Lord in an incredible way. Or is this example not applicable because John lived in a different time and place? What do you think?

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

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