I bought this t-shirt at a time when affordable striped shirts were nowhere to be found. Granted, I had a very specific picture in my mind when I went shopping. I purchased this guy without trying it on (facepalm), and while it looked perfect on the hanger, it was awkwardly wide in the sleeves and the waist area. I guess I didn't want to bother with returning it, because it stayed in my closet and was strategically worn underneath concealing sweaters and cardigans.

Eventually I realized that an ill-fitting tee was not going to serve me well in the long run, and I didn't want to be wasteful and just purchase a new one, so I whipped out the sewing machine and went to work!


To narrow the sleeves and avoid the winged look, I did a bit of horizontal ruching at the hems. I took in the waist a bit at both side seams to eliminate the boxy look. To be honest, it's still not my perfect striped tee, but at least now it's wearable!

Have a wonderful week, and stay tuned! I have some more refashions on the way ;)