(Don't worry, I'm not asking you to read all of these books, although I would definitely recommend them!)

Well, I'm finally on spring break, and this morning I found myself lost in a sea of articles. It was a good kind of lost :) Here are some that I found very convicting, challenging, and informative.

The Danger in Our Daily Devotions by Marshall Segal
I try to spend time reading the bible every day. I'll admit that while it's often very satisfying, sometimes it feels somewhat like a chore that lacks emotional stimulation. This post on the Desiring God blog made me examine the way I approach these quiet times with the Lord and gave me new perspective.

In Which Slavery Exists Because of Me by Danielle L. Vermeer
I just discovered this awesome blog. I don't agree with every point that the author makes, but her overall message echoes what has been on my heart this year. If you've been following along with my blog at all, then you've probably noticed that I sometimes wear clothing purchased at H&M, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, etc. Since I shop on a budget, these fast-fashion stores are great from a price point perspective. However, I don't think I can keep ignoring the fact that these low prices come at a terrible cost to others.

China BluePBS Independent Lens 
I would really encourage you to set aside an hour of your day to view this documentary. If you are a consumer, then you probably own something produced in a sweatshop like this one. The sad thing is, this is not even as bad as it gets.

How To Buy Ethical Fashion On a Budget by Danielle L. Vermeer
Another post from Danielle's blog. I'm seriously considering changing the way that I shop, and this article seems like a great place to start. What do you think? In light of the fact that human rights are trampled upon in the production of many fashion items, is shopping ethically the best course of action that individual consumers can take right now?

Take a minute. Process. If you have comments on any of these topics, please post below!

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