Fill in the blank:
"I wish I had ______________"

I don't think I know anyone who couldn't finish that sentence. Society as I know it seems to have a perpetual focus on the next thing to acquire, the next goal to reach, the next big thing in life.

Predictably, the fashion world seems to be no different. Do you have an apparel wish list? I do. Two items that I'd love to add to my wardrobe are a coral-colored infinity scarf and a pair of dressy black suede booties. With these new accessories, I would have a lot of new outfit possibilities. If I buy them though, will I be satisfied? Maybe for a moment, but it won't last. Something else will catch my eye, or I'll discover some new product, and once again I'll be wishing. And what happens to the new purchases that I was so excited about? They get worn, maybe lose their appeal, or eventually just blend into everything else that I own.

We are constantly seeking a lasting satisfaction that we will never find in earthly things.

Is it wrong to want new things or buy new things? I don't think so. But if desire is strong enough to distract from the many blessings that I already have, then there's a problem. So this post is not about what I want, but about re-appreciating what I already have in my closet. The things that I already own are obviously not going to satisfy me either, but I do think that a renewed thankfulness for what I have (both in my closet and beyond) will quiet my heart and decrease the urge to seek meaning and worth in something other than Christ. This may not be a cure-all for desire, but my hope is that it will bring me back to what matters most.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Favorite #1 - The Grandpa Sweater
sweater : thrifted
A comfy Goodwill find from the men's section that has served me well over the course of the last four years. I typically style it with skinny jeans and boots, but there is definitely more room for experimentation here. With a skirt, perhaps? Hmm...

Favorite #2 - Slouch boots
boots : Steve Madden
Unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye to these guys. I've used them so much over the past couple of years that I've worn a hole right through the sole, and the heels are disintegrating. I ended up buying a pair that looks exactly like them as a replacement, although I think they're about half a size too small, so I'll have to stretch them out.

Favorite #3 - Beatles tee
t-shirt : Target
This one is from the men's department at Target. Apparently I have a thing for guy clothes. It's super comfy, and at one point I was wearing it once a week. Yep, I like it that much. I was in a Beatles cover band once upon a time, so this shirt has special meaning for me.

Favorite #4 - Navy lace dress
dress : Charlotte Russe
I feel like Grace Kelly in this dress. If I were a fashion decade, I would definitely be the 1950's. Fashion just doesn't seem to have that kind of classic elegance anymore. Anyways, I typically have to make adjustments when I buy a new dress, but this one fits me perfectly!

Favorite #5 - Rhinestone bib necklace
necklace : Forever 21
I find myself reaching for this necklace again and again. Maybe it's just the clothes that I own, but it seems to go with everything! I try not to shop at Forever 21 too often, but their jewelry is very affordable. Not the greatest quality (I bought this with a rhinestone missing, can you spot it?), but if I treat it well it should last me quite a while.

Ok, now it's your turn! What are your favorite items in your wardrobe, and why?