Despite the popularity of this trend, I have not yet been convinced that leggings can be worn as pants.

Don't get me wrong. I love leggings! Thanks to them, we can look chic while secretly feeling as comfy as if we were wearing our favorite baggy sweats at home. However, when worn as pants I feel like they're pretty revealing and don't leave much to the imagination, especially the ones that are not entirely opaque (yikes). I do wear skinny jeans, but since they are a bit more structured I think even those give way more coverage than a pair of leggings.

Here are a few of my favorite rear-covering alternatives:

1) With a skirt
An obvious solution, I know. But it's still a good one, and you can modernize the look to help you forget about the days when you wore them with a denim mini skirt and UGG boots (please, never again!). It's a great way to get some use out of those skirts with a shorter hem.

necklaces : gifts?    t-shirt : Target    blazer : H&M
skirt : gift    leggings : Charlotte Russe

2) With a dress
Another typical solution. However, if you think about all of the great dresses out there and the rainbow of legging colors available, it gets a lot more exciting. Again, a great way to deal with shorter hemlines.

necklace : Forever 21    dress : refashion    leggings : Charlotte Russe

3) With a long vest
Great solution for maintaining versatility. Mine is of the chunky variety, but a lightweight, neutral-colored vest could be thrown over just about any top without adding too much bulk.

necklace : made by me    t-shirt : Target    vest : refashion
jeggings : JCPenney    boots : Steve Madden

4) With a long cardigan
Similar to the vest, but probably a better solution for cooler weather.

necklace : thrifted    t-shirt : Target    cardigan : Gordmans
jeggings : JCPenney    boots : Steve Madden

5) With a tunic
Seriously, there are some really cute tunics out there. Not quite a dress, but they keep you covered in all the right places.

earrings : Wal-Mart    scarf : made by me    tunic : thrifted
jeggings : JCPenney    boots : Steve Madden

If we are each beautiful, unique creations carefully designed by an almighty God, then we have more value than we could ever know. What do we do with things that are valuable to us? We protect them, keep them safe, and limit who has access to them. If my body is precious, and I do believe that it is, then I want to honor God and respect myself by being selective in who has access to it, even visually.

Ok, enough about my opinion. What do you think? Can leggings be worn as pants? Should they be worn as pants?

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