If I had to sum up what I hope this blog will be, I would say that it is a harmonious union of two  sometimes very conflicting desires.

The first desire is to be involved in the fashion world as a consumer, observer, and catalyst. I have long been fascinated by the world of fashion. Regardless of whether I approach it from an artistic perspective, a psychological perspective, an ethical perspective, a historical perspective, an economic perspective, a Christian perspective etc., I find myself drawn in by the stories our clothes tell about our society, and about each of us. Being a creative individual, I love that I can express myself just by putting on an outfit! For me, getting dressed is like a daily artistic exercise. And while I'm not the fashion designer I dreamed I'd be back in eighth grade, I still love imagining, designing, and sewing.

The second desire, which is no less important to me, is to live simply: to have a modestly-sized closet and not feel limited by it, to not spend a large chunk of my monthly budget on clothing, to not casually toss a perfectly good piece of clothing away just because "I don't like it." While I have been guilty of all of these things, which are not unarguably bad, I want to live differently. God has blessed me with the resources and talents that I have, and I hope to use them carefully and thoughtfully and not take them for granted. I want to enjoy my role in fashion, but I don't want it to be the center of my life, and I definitely don't want it to come before God on my list of priorities.

Hence, this blog.

So what am I hoping to post here? Some of my ideas are to explore what it means to dress modestly, to discover ways to avoid the idol of materialism, to spend wisely, to share some of the refashions and alterations I attempt in order to make the most of the clothes I already own, etc. At this point, I'm not going to make any promises because I want this journey to be as organic as possible. Consider this an experiment, and thank you so much for following along!

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