Friday, July 18, 2014

Refashion : How to Make the Perfect Pair of Shorts

Happy Friday, everyone!

While I love fashion, sometimes I really hate shopping for clothes. Know what I mean? Walking into store after store and not finding what you are looking for can be pretty discouraging, especially when you know exactly what you want.

This would pretty much describe my search for shorts this summer. I tried on about a billion pairs, and nothing seemed to work: wrong color, too long, too short, too loose, too tight, etc. Why is this so hard??

Length was probably my biggest issue. One of the ways that I enjoy serving the Lord is honoring my body through dressing modestly. Bermudas? Great length, but not on my petite frame. Three-inch inseam or less? That's a bit too short for me. Personally, I like a hemline somewhere around my fingertips, but I couldn't find any at that length that I liked.

Finally, I gave up, hit my local thrift store for a couple pairs of pants, and decided to refashion my own! This refashion is pretty simple; if you have even the most basic sewing skills, you can do this! It goes pretty quickly too. Check out the tutorial at the bottom of this post!


necklace : thrifted
t-shirt : Everlane
watch : Target (similar / similar)
shorts : refashion from these pants (thrifted)
sandals (not pictured) : Famous Footwear (exact on sale, also in brown)

Step 1  Find a pair of pants (preferably 1-2 sizes larger than your usual size)

Step 2  Measure and cut the legs off to the desired length, leaving 1.5" extra for hemming

Step 3  Try them on inside out, pin, and take in the legs as needed at the side seams. If you went more than a couple of sizes up, you may have to adjust the crotch and the inseams too (I didn't have to do this for mine)

Step 4  If the waist is a little too big, adjust accordingly. For me, this just meant moving the button over a bit

Step 5  Fold up the edges 3/4" twice, then hem. I did mine by hand using a blind stitch, but you could do it with a machine as well. Press the hem with an iron for best results

Ta-daa! Simple as that! Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful weekend :)

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Monday, July 14, 2014


The weather today is very un-summery. It feels like fall! Wet, rainy fall. Where is my July heat and sunshine??  :(

This outfit ended up being decidedly fall-ish, and yes, I blame the weather. I do like how the overall combination turned out, but to be honest, this particular dress is a bit tricky to work with. However, with careful styling, I find that I can like it quite a bit in an ensemble. Naturally, I took some inspiration from the classic Audrey Hepburn.


blazer : H&M
necklace : Charming Charlie
dress : hand-me-down
watch : Target
tights : Target
pumps (not pictured) : thrifted

I am desperately hoping that my next outfit post will feature summer clothing (fingers crossed!). In the meantime, have a wonderful week, and thank you for reading!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Refashion Inspiration

So, I've got the creative itch, which may or may not mean you'll see some refashions in the near future ;)

When I come across a blah item in my closet that I just know can be better, I browse Pinterest and "shop" online for inspiration. The key is figuring out how to get from Point A (aka blah clothing) to Point B (new-and-improved!). At the very least, it's always an adventure.

Here is a collection of some of my current sources of inspiration. Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!

(See more inspiration and follow me on Pinterest here.)

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